The Philly Tribe-holders are a collective of teachers and artists working together to hold space for The Philly Tribe. From left to right we are:

Keshia Mahan creates art installations--or altarations--as visual inspiration for our classes and workshops. Contact Keshia at

Kaitlynn Minguez is a 5Rhythms® SpaceHolder mentored by Rebekah Zhuraw & helps Rebekah with our electronic and social media advertising. She also sometimes subs for Michelle's classes. Contact Kaitlynn at Find out more about Reiki with Kaitlynn at

Christina Fanizzi is a certified Open Floor facilitator and owner of Pilates Alchemy. She teaches the class Presence that meets on 1st & 3rd Sundays.  Contact Christina at Find out more about her Open Floor offerings at and her pilates classes at

Rebekah Zhuraw is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, member of the 5RTA, and the Producer of The Philly Tribe. She teaches the class Embodied Waves that meets on 2nd Saturdays and the class Sanctuary that meets on 4th Sundays. All of her classes are Waves level classes and count towards the 5Rhythms teacher training Waves requirements. Contact Rebekah at

Mariama O'Brien teaches The Children's Tribe classes for 4-6 year olds and 7+ year olds and opens her heart & home for tribe potlucks. You can find the latest album from her band, Song Dogs, at

Michelle Mahan is a 5Rhythms® SpaceHolder, mentored by Rebekah Zhuraw. She facilitates the class Sweat, a 5Rhythms SpaceHolders class that counts towards the 5Rhythms teacher training Waves requirements, and assists Mariama with The Children's Tribe.  Contact Michelle at

Karen Holmes is a certified Azul teacher. She teaches the class Awakening at Allen's Lane Arts Center. Contact Karen at


Read more about The Philly Tribe-holders & the other members of our tribe on Humans of the Philly Tribe!



John Needles whose photos of dancers from Rebekah's Sanctuary class grace our Home Page, Humans of the Philly Tribe page, & our Gallery. Thanks for conspiring with the universe to find us just when we needed you! You can see more of John's photos at & contact John at

Johanna Furst, fabulous painter and installation artist who has set the bar high for Philly Tribe visuals with breathtaking altarations for our workshops! Find out more about Johanna, her artwork (including many installations for The Philly Tribe workshops!) and art classes at

Jennifer Brown for creating and curating Humans of The Philly Tribe so we can get to know each other better! Contact Jennifer at

Phil Brown, former tribe-holder and our official toastmaster, delivering the sentiment of the tribe with elegant praise and insight to our visiting teachers! Find out more about The Buddhist Sangha of Bucks County where Phil is President at

& Kaamy Moore and Dev Rajhansa, our dedicated work-study team, who make sure the floors are swept, wires are taped down, speakers are in place, and everything is neat and pretty!  Dev also took the Tribe-holders group photo at the top of this page!

& to Rob Kafes who rolls cables like a pro and carries equipment to the car, unasked, time and time again out of the goodness of his heart--bless you, Rob!