Dancing Human: Kaitlynn Minguez
Thursday, August 10, 2017
By The Philly Tribe
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Kaitlynn Minguez

Upper Black Eddy, PA


In what year was your first class with The Philly Tribe?



What was your relationship to dance/movement before taking class with The Philly Tribe?

I had danced ballet, jazz, and tap briefly as a child and loved it. I also did silly dance routines with my friends for fun. As an adult, I wanted so badly to feel, to let go, to break barriers, to move rhythmically—but my backdrop was usually a bar and intoxicated strangers, and this didn’t do it for me. I did not realize that movement meditation classes existed. Finding The Philly Tribe and 5Rhythms was coming home.


What keeps you coming back to class regularly?

I love EVERYTHING about dancing 5Rhythms. Since I first stepped foot on the dance floor for this modality, I began feeling into myself and losing myself simultaneously. I connect more deeply with my intuitive self that listens and trusts. Time stops in my fascination with moving and breath. Healing is my passion and lifework, and 5Rhythms allows me to be still in the dance, aligning and attuning all the while. I am a firm believer in releasing resistance and embracing expansion, and what better way to do this than by surrendering to the moment, to the dance? I like being wrung out, and this practice does so and leaves me heart-full.


In what ways does this dance practice influence or inspire your non-dancing life?

It reminds me to breathe more deeply and shows me that I can navigate anything by simply trusting the flow and being present. 5Rhythms offers me the support I need to remain balanced and full of vitality so that I can be more authentic in my relations with others. It’s all an energetic dance.


Tell us about a specific Philly Tribe class or workshop that you thought was especially powerful.

Naked Soul, a 5Rhythms Mirrors workshop taught by Jonathan Horan, moved me to my core. It aided me in realigning my energy and shedding layers of ingrained detrimental behaviors. It also illumined my strengths in powerful ways, and I was able to carry these lessons forward and allow myself space to integrate them and continue to flourish. I also learned to be more firm in my boundaries—a lesson I continue to work on.


Is there anything you’d like your fellow classmates to know about your dance-floor personality, preferences, or quirks?

I have an injured right knee so sometimes I need to chair dance.


Tell us a little about your current life off the dance floor.

I am a mama first and foremost. I’ve got three beautiful, inspiring young children. Romping in nature with them and my husband is my favorite thing to do. I just married the man of my dreams and will begin holding 5Rhythms Sweats in my community in the new year and cannot wait to do so. It is an honor. Consciousness and healing are the foundation of my daily life. 


Is there anything else you’d like to share—personal accomplishments, struggles, epiphanies, questions or stand-out life experiences that have helped shaped who you are today?

I lost both my parents in a year and a half while going through a separation and caring for three children (one an infant). That built some serious resolve. 5Rhythms allowed me the space I needed to grieve and heal in a most profound way. I’ve been on the spiritual path since 2004 when a serious physical ailment was remedied through Reiki. Since then, my life has been one of epiphanies galore and igniting my passions. I went on to study transpersonal psychology, conscious childbirth, Reiki, and reflexology. I cannot and will not stop fanning the flames of my soul.