Dancing Human: Carol Parker Stein
Friday, May 04, 2018
By The Philly Tribe
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Carol Parker Stein

Marple, PA


In what year was your first class with The Philly Tribe?



What was your relationship to dance/movement before taking class with The Philly Tribe?

I LOVED dancing to classical music as a child at home but was not allowed lessons, so I donned my petticoat and wrapped ribbons around my ankles and would dance to Swan Lake and the Nutcracker until I was out of breath. Later when I was 21 and living in Salt Lake City, Utah, I found a ballet teacher from Nice, France, who was teaching from her home. I had a year of instruction then. I studied jazz dance for about six years after my fourth child was born and LOVED it. I was introduced to West African, Haitian, and Afro-Cuban dance through University City Arts League and found a home tribe dancing in West Philly for many years, taking my youngest two with me. That eventually blasted my feet and neck, so I danced a bit of Group Motion and modern. Around 1994, I decided to start my own class based on a seasonal/astrological theme with the desire to orchestrate a structure for sharing, prayer, and free movement. I held that for a few years at Merion Friends Meeting on Friday nights. I dragged my whole stereo and a freshly burned CD (before computers did that) thanks to a fancy CD burner my husband gifted me with. It was a LOT of work and it gave me gratitude for the other teachers out there now who lead similar classes.


What keeps you coming back to class regularly?

The music, the people and relationships I have made at Summit, and the teachers.


In what ways does this dance practice influence or inspire your non-dancing life?

It gives me a way to unwind and process life and the emotions that get held in through the weeks and helps me feel FREE.


Tell us about a specific Philly Tribe class or workshop that you thought was especially powerful.

I can’t recall specific classes but I have had euphoric experiences at random regular Waves and Sweats as well as Friday-night workshops...I do remember 21 Gratitudes as very powerful.


Is there anything you’d like your fellow classmates to know about your dance-floor personality, preferences, or quirks?

I have a lot of arthritis in my spine, neck, feet, and hands, and its progression has been a terribly sobering experience for me, since I LOVE to dance the music and be danced wildly at times.


Tell us a little about your current life off the dance floor.

I am passionate about my five-element crystal healing practice and have been a massage therapist since 1991. I have four adult children, three of whom love dancing as well, and two grandchildren who I spend a lot of time playing and helping with. I am a tree lover, gardener, star watcher, crystal witch, and nurturer of life.


Is there anything else you’d like to share—personal accomplishments, struggles, epiphanies, questions, or stand-out life experiences that have helped shaped who you are today?

Birthing my babies at home were key empowering experiences for me, as well as holding my Mother as she died in 2004. I have numerous goddess daughters who I love and support around the globe.

Traveling to sacred sites in England, Scotland, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia to do ceremony stand out as key unlocking and clearing life journeys.

My biggest struggle has been to learn to speak my truth to power.