For Beginners

In The Philly Tribe, you are free to explore how you move as an embodied being in a community of people involved in this same exploration. The modalities we offer have no steps to follow—just your feet, your breath, and the shape of your own heart.

In any class or workshop, there will be people with a wide-range of experience, from novices to teachers. The best way to begin is just to step out onto the floor and see what happens, to stretch your imagination along with your body. Don’t worry about knowing what to do. The facilitator will guide you. Just move, and the rest will follow.

As you do, take care of yourself. Go at your own pace, stay alert to any injuries you may have, and keep your eyes open and aware of the larger milieu. Chairs are available if you need them and you are encouraged to bring them out on the dance floor to stay part of the action.

Most important, have fun! And feel free to talk to our teachers to ask questions or share your experience.

We dance in bare feet or dance shoes (no outside shoes or slippery socks—indoor only dance shoes are ok).  No scents, including essential oils, on the dance floor, please! Many people chemical sensitive.

Everything alive has a dance.  Your only task is to find and express yours.