DWELLING: A one day Open Floor workshop with Christina Fanizzi

11-5pm, Sunday, June 30th 

The Common Room, DOWNSTAIRS @ Summit Presbyterian Church in Mt Airy (6757 Greene St. Philadelphia, 19119)

Early bird price $60, if you register by June 16th, $75 after


To register or for more information,please email openfloorphiladelphia@gmail.com or call 267.974.6217

You are the architect of your life. You create the space for your heart to be happy. This body is your temple, your home. Your movement represents the space where you inhabit every room. Your emotions represent the walls, windows, and doors. Your mind offers the seeds that you plant. What is the landscape that surrounds you? What else is inside and outside the world you inhabit? What is your roof made of? Do you have one? What materials create your reality and support the structure that holds you up? How do you protect yourself?

In this one-day Open Floor movement workshop we’ll explore the blueprint from which you create your world and your life. As your moving body leads, you’ll explore every corner of your being. Together we’ll cultivate this place of refuge. Peace abides HERE.

All are welcome! No prior experience necessary. 

Christina Fanizzi is a certified Open Floor teacher & pilates Instructor.